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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Each case is different, and you should consult with a lawyer for answers to your case specific questions. Please be advised that using our Case Evaluation Form or Contact Form does not create an attorney/client relationship.


Carson Business Law Lawyers | Jacobs & Dodds

Business Attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds have been providing insightful, intelligent legal representation for clients throughout the region for over 35 years. The primary goal of our Carson Business Law Firm is to assist each client in obtaining their legal objectives in addition to preserving and protecting the best interests of their company.

At Jacobs & Dodds, our Business Law Attorneys are seasoned negotiators and litigators who have extensive experience resolving legal disputes. We offer skilled legal counsel regarding business formation, litigation, transactions, and business torts. Our Business Lawyers are highly knowledgeable in employment matters, providing representation in employee disputes and ensuring legal compliance in a wide range of issues. In addition, our Carson Business Attorneys represent specific business enterprises in a broad range of matters.

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Business Attorneys in Carson, California

As experienced Business Attorneys, we help clients resolve legal matters in an efficient, cost-effective manner. At Jacobs & Dodds, our skilled Carson Business Lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance in many complex matters, including those that follow.

Business Formation Lawyers

Contact Jacobs & Dodds for professional legal assistance in choosing the entity which is best suited to achieve your objectives. Our Business Formation Attorneys and Carson Business Lawyers offer advice and counsel for individuals forming Partnerships, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Closely Held Corporations, S and C Corporations, and Sole Proprietorships. We also work diligently to draft Corporate Bylaws and Resolutions.

Business Litigation AttorneysCarson Business Law Lawyers | Jacobs & Dodds 

As skilled litigators, the Business Litigation Lawyers at Jacobs & Dodds help companies find successful resolutions in a wide range of legal disputes. Whether your matter involves a Breach of Contract, Business Fraud, Deceptive Business Practices, Purchase and Sale Disputes, Trade Secret Violations, or more Complex Litigation, contact our experienced Business Law Firm for an extensive consultation.

Business Transactions Lawyers

As a transactional law firm, Jacobs & Dodds provides proficient legal representation and advice regarding drafting and reviewing contracts, managing acquisitions, and overseeing mergers. Our Carson Business Law Lawyers and Business Transactions Attorneys handle Purchase Agreements and all transactional dealings with the Purchase and Sale of a Company.

Business Torts Attorneys

Whether a case involves a Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Trade Secret Violations, Trade Libel, Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage, or Unfair Competition, our Carson Business Attorneys and Business Torts Lawyers provide knowledgeable legal advice and counsel handling all tort issues.

Employer Representation Lawyers

Carson Business Law Attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds offer experienced legal representation to business owners in employment law cases pertaining to Employer Misconduct and Unemployment Insurance Claims. As Employer Representation Attorneys, we represent clients in a range of matters, including Discrimination Claims, Sexual Harassment Claims, Wage and Hour Violations, Whistleblower Defense Actions, and Wrongful Termination.

Business Representation Attorneys

Business Representation Lawyers at Jacobs & Dodds are highly experienced in providing skilled legal services to a wide range of business enterprises in California, including Building Contractors, Machine Shops, Tool and Die Shops, Car Dealerships, Business Accountants, Commercial Landscapers, Dentists, Medical Groups, Golf Courses, Retail Establishments, and Restaurants. Our Carson Business Law Attorneys provide critical legal guidance in all areas. This includes making sure a company complies with state, federal, and local laws while taking every step to limit legal liability.

Contact Skilled Carson Business Attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds Today

At Jacobs & Dodds, our Carson Business Lawyers take the time to fully understand each client’s unique business enterprise in order to determine the legal objectives and find the best possible resolution. Please complete our online Business Law Case Evaluation Form, and we will arrange for your comprehensive consultation with a skilled Carson Business Law Lawyer.

For direct access, please call (424) 247-1195. With convenient offices in Torrance and Irvine, our Business Law Attorneys help clients start, grow, and sustain a strong business while effectively resolving all legal disputes.


When driving to the Business Law Firm of Jacobs & Dodds, begin heading north on Avalon Blvd. Make a left on E. Carson St. Turn right at Cabrillo Ave. Take a left on Torrance Blvd. Our office is on the right at 3655 Torrance Blvd., on the 3rd floor.



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